Property Refurbishment & Make-Goods

Pre-sale remedial works to prepare your commercial warehouse property for the next tenant.

Equipment Buy-Backs

We buy back your surplus storage systems, pallet racking, office, warehouse equipment and machinery.

Warehouse Fit-Outs

Pallet and material storage solutions designed to help you operate at maximum efficiency and capacity.

Pallet Racking

Practical storage solutions including selective, drive-in and cantilever racking, and mezzanine floors.

Shiny polished concrete flooring in a warehouse

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is an extremely durable commercial flooring option and is one of the most affordable on the market.

Property Refurbishment and make goods

We specialise in setting it up and pulling it down. we are sydney's warehouse fit-out, property relocation, refurbishment and make good specialists.

At Complete Warehouse Solutions, we take care of everything needed for fit-outs, refurbishments and make-goods for warehouses and leased spaces. We manage the entire process. So, you can focus on your business, your customers, and doing what you do well… while we do what we do well!

Get right back to where we started from

Moving out of a warehouse or large commercial area (or even a small one) can be a daunting task when you have to close down operations and put things back the way they were when you first took up the tenancy.

Typically, a leaseholder will fit out a warehouse or space with shelving, storage, racks and other fittings, to accommodate their products or service equipment in the way that best suits their individual needs. We help people with the set up and fit-out such workspaces.

Of course, when they move out, the building space has to be put back as it was at the start – usually at the cost of the tenant. That’s where we come in, again. Our job is then to put things back the way they were.

Warehouse Make Good

‘Making Good’, ‘Stripping-out’, or ‘Defitting’ as it is sometimes known, is commonly a part of the process of leasing certain industrial, commercial, or retail properties and warehouses.

Under a “make good’ clause, the tenant must restore the property back to the way it was when the lease commenced. That means taking all the fittings that were installed back out, refurbishing, and repairing, so that the owners and next tenants have a ‘clean slate’ to work with, when the lease finishes up.

Warehouse Refurbishment

Fit outs, strip downs and rectification jobs for tenants or landlords of warehouses, commercial spaces, retail stores and shops, are our specialty! We work closely with our clients to ensure all needs are met and deadlines realised.

We can take care of everything that needs attention – whether it’s setting up your warehouse space, or stripping it down at the end of the tenancy. We’ll ensure that issues, touch-ups and repairs that are needed are carried out to refurbish and restore the property to its pre-lease condition.

Our warehouse refurbishment can include cleaning and rubbish removal, electrical rectification work, removal of paint from concrete surfaces, repainting, touching-up, and patching walls and surfaces, including office plasterboard replacement and repairs, as needed.

Sydney Warehouse Relocation

If you’re moving from where you are located to another Sydney warehouse, relocation is one of our specialties! We take all the hard work out of your move, by dismantling, stripping down, packing, cleaning, moving, and setting up your warehouse fittings at your new location. Thanks to our 15-plus years’ experience in the business, we have an eye for what needs to happen, and we know the best ways to go about it, swiftly, efficiently and safely. This means you get hassle-free, expert service, every time!

Warehouse Buy Backs & Trade-ins

Thanks to our buy-back process, we have used racking and fit-out equipment, available at economical prices, so you can save on your set-up costs and outlays!

When the lease is at an end and you are finished using the storage systems, pallet racking, equipment or machinery, Complete Warehouse Solutions can buy it back, for reuse. This helps you defray some of the cost of refurbishing the leased space, and generally works well all round.

Complete Warehouse Solutions

Whatever is your need in warehouse set-ups – from initial fit-outs, to repairs, rectifications, and then pulling it all back out again at the end of the lease, we’ve got it covered! Complete Warehouse Solutions is so named, because that is exactly what we offer… Complete warehouse solutions.

We supply warehouse storage systems and a wide range of fit-out options, and we can also de-fit and even buy back racking or fittings at the end of the tenancy.

Our work commences when your lease is just beginning and you need to fit out a space. We measure the new warehouse and after consulting with you, we look after setting it all up and fitting it out for you, with your choice of new or used equipment, so that everything is ready before you move in.

We take care to understand your individual needs and design desires when planning your layout.

Please feel free to call, message us, or drop in and chat about what you need done. Have a word with our team if you would like some ideas on where to start, or how to approach a set-up, pull-down, or anything in between.

We’re excited to be part of your ‘warehouse journey’ and to smooth your path wherever we can. This is what we do, and we’re pleased to say we do it well. We take pride in providing a quality service to our customers, and will always strive to improve even more upon that.

We’re happy to put our professional and experienced team at your disposal, for a great job, every time.

As you can see, we are dedicated to making your move as easy as possible.

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Here's some of the various services we offer:

A hollow, cylindrical drill attachment is used to drill clean, circular holes in concrete warehouse flooring. We also refill the core holes when they are no longer needed.

We carefully erect and fit, or dismantle and remove, all existing pallet racking systems in the warehouse space.

Any electrical issues are identified and resolved by our team of qualified electricians. We can also uninstall networking equipment and/or relocate it to new premises and re-install there.

Traffic flow line markings on the warehouse floor (for vehicles and pedestrians) are removed, leaving concrete floors clean and ready for the new occupants.

Our services include removal of old paint from concrete surfaces, as well as patching, repairing and repainting damaged surfaces.

We can repair or replace plasterboard, which is commonly found in office administration areas of the warehouse.

Our warehouse make-good services include remedial works to restore pipes, drains, guttering and more, to proper working condition.

We thoroughly clean concrete floors to remove built-up dirt and debris, as well as attending to the vacuuming of floors, washing of windows, and glass and rubbish removal.

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